January 3, 2012

10 Character Actors We LOVE!!!

Joe Pantoliano just shows up in everything. Remember he was Richie’s manager in La Bamba?

Was watching Terminator 2 the other day and Joe Morton’s famous death scene never gets old. Remember he was Byron Douglas on A Different World? Dwayne stole his thunder, though.

Stephen Tobolowsky just doesn’t age. Remember he stole Sneakers playing Werner Brandes?

Michael Beach has gotten type cast as the bad guy ever since he turned over Joe Clark’s desk in Lean On Me

CCH Pounder is just so regal and articulate! Love’s her! Didn’t love that show Brothers CCH!

We haven’t seen much of Kimberly Scott lately, but she’s great in EVERYTHING!

Had to recognize crazy man Clarence Williams, III! Who can forget his line in Deep Cover about “stink on doo doo!” And he said it with a straight face.

Guillermo Diaz is on a role! Britney Spears videos and a recurring role on Weeds. This guy is sooooooooo good and being a bad ass! 

On imdb.com James Hong's filmography is long as hell! Goes back to the early 70s and he doesn't seem to age or slow down! Loved him The Golden Child!

And the late Frances Bay will definitely be missed!

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